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April 13- Shore dives at Lighthouse Point

We hadn’t planned to dive today, but we looked at the weather last night and saw winds of 1mph, building to a gusty 4mph and decided we had to. So, we scooted to Cathy Church’s for a rental camera and zipped up to Lighthouse Point.

Reflections on L.H.P. v. Turtle Reef- LHP has nice, new facilities and more secure parking. Nice dive shop at both. We liked the entry/exit ladder at Turtle Reef better ‘cuz it was easier. LHP’s ladder was steep, TR’s was more like stairs. We had more silt in the water today than we had yesterday when we dived at TR, but that is an ever-changing thing and isn’t site specific. We also saw more stuff at TR yesterday than today at LHP, but again a day of diving at each doesn’t give a good representation. Bottom line, both are great shore dives. We didn’t eat at LHP so can’t comment on the chow. LHP staff gave us a very thorough pre-dive brief including a photo-board of the site which was very helpful.

We shot the heck out of the rental camera and got a few passable shots. We’ll start with a curious turtle that came and swam right alongside of me for quite a while, and even poked his snout up to the lens…

A bit later I found a pair of banded butterflyfish. Since they were being nice and sticking nearby, I felt obligated to take a family portrait…

I posted a pic of a grunt the other day and hesitate to post another, but I kind of like this shot, so here ya go…

Not to be outdone, Mrs DS took control of the camera and managed a nice shot of a honeycomb cowfish. I never seem to be able to get one broadside, they always seem to be going away for me. The Mrs had much better luck, and here is the result…

Still wielding the camera, she found yours truly staring down a prospective dinner option. This fella is damn lucky we were in a marine park, or there’d have been some cajun flounder on the table…

I got the camera back and returned to my post and shot him from my view…

We both have noticed that we are seeing more flounder this trip, and fewer moray. Don’t know why. Might just be the way the luck falls

Finally, as we worked back to the entry/exit, Mrs DS spotted this clump of social feather dusters…

After rinsing the salt from our bodies, we joined Joe and Peggy for lunch at Coconut Joe’s. We’d met Peggy last year and were glad to finally meet Joe. The blackened mahi mahi caesar salad was heavenly. It was a great opportunity to get to know Joe and to get the low-down on island happenings from him and Peggy.

And now the day gets expensive…

We returned the rental camera to Cathy Church’s and loaded our pics onto our laptop. With two more days to dive, we didn’t want to be camera-less and renting seems like money down the drain. So we ended up buying a new setup like the one we had been renting. What the heck, we’ve been talking about it for almost a year, so we were ready. Tomorrow’s pics will be from our new camera.

Cathy’s prices are indeed as low as anywhere. An online shop might come close or maybe even match, but at Cathy’s they sell you the camera, then give one-on-one coaching and a full briefing on the camera and its functions. When we walked out of the shop, all settings were properly set, we knew how to change setting if needed, we knew how to care for and inspect our housing and we were comfortable with the entire setup. You simply cannot get that service online.

We finished the day with dinner at Eats and look forward to morning dives with Casey on the north wall……